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Warehouse Operation Assistant (Outdoor) (Senai HQ)

Warehouse Operation Assistant (Outdoor) (Senai HQ)

Job Description
  • To meet the task of being responsible forthe physical loading/ unloading of the goods in an accurate method.
  • To achieve Inspection of the quantity and quality cargo received by matching to the Commercial Invoice and Packing List (CIPL) and tally sheet and correct process of filling up the Inspection Checklist, taking photos & etc.
  • To meet the task of liaising and communicating with internal parties on the job.
  • To achieve all storage of cargo received must be positioned by accurate layout,packing,level as per declared in tally sheet & WMS.
  • To meet the task of preparing storage layout empty, always standby for any movement to the warehouse location.
  • To meet the task of executing stock count activities for the month.
  • To achieve confirming the expiry date of the goods’ licensing (GBA) are valid and labels are always being pasted in the item.
  • To meet the task of ensuring the periodical maintenance of the warehouse tools & equipment.
Key skills and qualifications of a Warehouse Assistant (Outdoor):
  • At least SPM or other relevant studies
  • At least 1 year of working experience, preferably in warehouse distribution.
  • Forklift driver or reach stacker driver.
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Copyright © 2023 by Lima Bintang. All rights reserved.
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