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LBL helps business organizations identify and capitalize on new opportunities. Our people are experts with professional experience that understand the unique requirements of each industry.

We continue to provide customer tailor made and comprehensive logistics solutions, helping customer navigating the fast-changing and very volatiles business environment. LBL is helping clients embrace industry disruption and limitation as an opportunity.
Industries Solutions



LBL is position ourself as preferred logistics partner for many large and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) manufacturers operating in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Time, cost and efficiency are key factors in successful manufacturing logistics, LBL help manufacturers navigate supply chain complexities, leveraging a careful mix of logistics solutions and experts that prioritize safety, trade compliance and quality of services, while mitigating high operating cost.

Manufacturing logistics capabilities include:

  International transportation (Air / Sea / Cross Border Transportation)
  Trade compliance consultancy and customs brokerage (License Manufacturing Warehouse Companies)
  Warehouse Storage Solutions
  Distribution services
  Packaging services
Chemical Industry



Chemical logistics a complex practice that requires careful attention to detail. LBL’s chemical logistics deliver compliance, reliability and precision throughout your network, whether you ship hazardous or non-hazardous materials.

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The scope including acting on behalf as local consignee, application for importation and exportation license, advisory for HS Code, tax and duty. Our asset-backed capacity, customized project management and extensive domestics and international network relationships solve customer network challenges. LBL currently operate one of the largest certified and licensed dangerous chemical goods storage facilities in Johor adding with HSE fully comply transportation fleets and certified drivers. LBL chemical logistics service-centric dedicated solutions are crafted entirely around your dangerous chemical logistics needs. With a nationwide footprint, widespread brokerage capabilities and equipment flexibility, our transportation experts move your chemical freight seamlessly.

Chemical logistics capabilities include:

  Importation and exportation license for dangerous chemical goods.
  Chemical warehouse storage
  Chemical domestics and cross border distribution
  International transportation for dangerous goods
  Dangerous goods packaging and waste disposal
Construction Industry



Time, cost and efficiency are key factors in successful construction materials logistics. From steel material and formwork to bulk goods and construction equipment, goods must be quickly loaded and shipped to ensure it arrives at construction sites, distribution centers and stores on-time and as described.

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LBL helps companies navigate supply chain complexities, leveraging a careful mix of solutions and industry expertise that prioritize safety and service, while mitigating high operating costs. Our expert delivery teams understand the challenges of building materials and construction equipment to centra business district (CBD) middle of the night, working to constantly iterate on logistics strategies and drive continuous improvement.
We remain dedicated to protecting drivers and your shipments. LBL maintains high legal compliance and safety standards, deploying a fleet of GPS-enabled trucks as well as a fleet of company drivers who undergo regular, comprehensive training.
Energy Industry



Energy is very specialized industry yet it is so important for mankind. LBL ensure our customer obtain innovative, reliable and customize solutions for energy transport logistics – regardless how challenging the environment, or how remote is the remote locations.

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LBL is the market-leader in energy logistics with competent expertise in the development and delivery of safe and efficient transportation solutions. These including of oil and gas, power generation; solar as renewable energy.

Energy logistics services that include:

  Project Management (Planning, execution and monitoring)
  Air, sea or intermodal freight services and transshipment
  Heavy lifting Solution (Engineering design and Equipment Supplies)
  Heavy transportation (Engineering transportation and Equipment Supplies)
  Marine and cargo charters, as well as port agency and husbandry services
  Charter and Emergency Services covering all global regions and time zones 24/7/365
  Trade compliance, and regulatory consultancy and advisory (Duty exemption, Importation license)
  Warehouse and distribution
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