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Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC)
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About Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC)

PIC is PETRONAS' largest investment in Malaysia, located in Pengerang, Johor and forming part of Johor state's ambitious Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex (PIPC).
The PIC project is designed to produce premium differentiated petrochemicals; meeting domestic demand for petroleum products and the Malaysian government's future legislative requirements on the implementation of Euro 5.
With an investment of USD27 billion, PIC supports the Government's overall Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) and will position Malaysia to capitalize on the growing need for energy and commodity petrochemical products in Asia in the next 20 years. This will spur the growth of Malaysia's Oil and Gas downstream sector pushing Malaysia into a new frontier of technology and economic development.
Heavy Transportation
Collaborating with Mammoet Romstar Sdn Bhd, LBL offer full range of heavy transportation services to Rapid Project Cargo transportation. Our equipment including SPMT trailers, conventional modular trailers, special low deck equipment, rental of transportation beam, stools, steel plate. Our project transportation management including Method of Statement for transportation, road survey, cargo survey, journey management plan.
General Transportation
Offering the best in quality and safety transportation is what LBL is all about. With 60 unit of general transportation equipment, LBL able to offer general 3ton, 20ft, 40ft trailers, haulage trailers, low loaders, extender low loaders and extended platform trailers. Our services including cross border transportation Singapore/Thailand to Malaysia, monthly rental of trailer on RAPID site, and transportation from MOLF/Sea Port to RAPID site.
Heavy Lifting
With collaboration of world largest heavy lift and transport company Mammoet Romstar, LBL operates and offer an extensive range of general mobile cranes, crawler cranes and specialize lifting services. LBL integrated lifting and transportation services allow customer for cost effective and improve operation efficiency, eliminating unnecessary idling of equipment, improve communication and project coordination.
Port Services
LBL established good and long business and trade record with Pasir Gudang Port, Tanjung Langsat Port, Port Tanjung Pelepas and Singapore Jurong Port. LBL able to assist customer for importation of RAPID cargo or transshipment from port of discharge direct to Material Offloading Facilities (MOLF) Ramunia or Tanjung Stapa by barge or via land mode for within gauge cargo.
Machinery Rental
LBL offer of wire range of machinery rental services to support our client for construction phase of RAPID project. Our monthly rental of equipment services including forklift between 3ton to 15ton, articulated boom lift, lorry cranes, container reach stacker, and sky lift.
Storage Solution
LBL offer few storage locations for temporary storage and staging of RAPID cargo. Our location including 350,000 sqft at Senai, 150,000sqft at Tanjung Langsat and 50,000 sqft at Teluk Ramunia. LBL able to offer storage for bonded cargo which yet to perform importation and allow import duty and GST to be suspended. LBL bonded storage also provide storage services for tax exemption cargo. LBL offer value add services such as material handling, repacking, inventory report and customs clearance for the benefits of customer.