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Bonded Storage

A bonded warehouse is a designated area, approved by the Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC) under Section 65 of the Customs Act 1967, for storing dutiable goods. Its function has been enhanced for other activities such as break bulking and trading to facilitate commercial activities and distribution hub within the ASEAN region. Under Warehouse Scheme, import duty and Malaysia 6% GST can be suspended.
LBL has currently operating 350,000 sqft bonded storage space both in sheltered and open yard in Senai, Johor . LBL bonded storage solution are integrated with strong distribution and handling services. LBL is the first of it kind of bonded storage yard suitable for oil & gas equipment, steel cargo, construction material and equipment, and also chemical cargo (DG or NON DG class).
  Our strength is able to provide low cost and high quality of bonded storage in Johor incorporated with strong distribution services to customers in Singapore. With our comprehensive material handling equipment and bonded storage solution, LBL had proved to be able offer more than 50% cost saving for our customers in Singapore.
Value-added activities can be performed on stored goods in all Public licensed bonded warehouses:

warehousing dutiable goods; or tax exemption goods
break bulking and repacking
relabelling where goods are being relabelled, for example with importers or distributors name before distributing them locally
devenning - where goods are allowed to be sold directly to a buyer in a warehouse either duties and/or tax on the goods have been paid or not
consolidation - where goods (dutiable and locally sourced) are consolidated for export
entreport trade - where imported goods are to be re- exported
Internal transport (e.g. forklift) and handling charges.