Energy & Petrochemical

Lima Bintang had participated various project shipment delivery for petrochemical or refinery plants construction, comprising mainly heavy and long pressure vessels, columns, etc, which ranks as one of the most challenging categories of cargo's to move on the rod.

Power plants run either on diesel, coal or or a sustainable energy source like hydropower. Lima Bintang has established a strong reputation in all segments of the power industry. In many cases, the heavy and outsized modules need complex transports to reach their destination, be it along roads, railways or overseas. This is a demanding job so our customers prefer an end-to-end, safe solution for the transport and on-site assembly.

Petronas Mega Methanol ProjectCustomer: Sealane Shipping Sdn Bhd
Project Description: Transportation and shipping of total 1500 ton (By 3 shipment) fabricated steel plate for construction of storage tower in Labuan from Pasir Gudang (Service inclusive of land transportation, forwarding clearance, shipping agency and port stevedoring)

Sumandak Drilling Platform A (Sime Darby Engineering)Customer: Tepat Teknik Sdn Bhd
Project Description: Transportation of various size of pressure vessel tank and fabricated structure from Shah Alam to Singapore for Global One Technologies installation in Jurong Island. Total shipment exceed 2500 RT

Tanjung Bin Power Station Project
Customer: Tepat Teknik Sdn Bhd
Project Description: Transportation 5 unit oversize structure with width 5.2m from Shah Alam to Tanjung Bin Power Station, Pontian by 5 unit Low Loader. Supply with escort team, road survey and temporary support fabarication.

Helios Terminals Singapore Pte Ltd / CHEMOIL Bulk Liquid Storage & Blending Facility
Customer: Expeditor Sdn Bhd + Panalpina World Transport

Project Description: Delivery of more than 15 trips Articuled Assy Arm using Flat Bed 4axle from Johor Bahru to Pulau Busing, Jurong Island for Helios Terminal Site in Jurong Island.

Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Co Ltd Customer: Songkhla Century Logistics Co Ltd
Project Description: Transportation of 96 ton Rotor Turbine from Ratchaburi Electricity, Ratchabuir, Thailand to GE Keppel, Pionee Sector in Singapore by Flat Bed 5 axle low loader under Bonded Transhipment via Malaysia. Total travel distance 2000km for 5 days.

Shell Hodini Project in Jurong IslandCustomer: F.H Berthiling SdnBhd
Project Description: Transportation of various type of structure and vessel tank from Melaka/Shah Alam/Kuantan to Jurong Island for Shell Hodini Project. Estimated shipment exceed 100 trips.

Shell ECC Project, Pulau Ular SingaporeCustomer: F.H Berthiling SdnBhd
Project Description: Transportation of 1 unit Boiler packages from Shah Alam to Jurong Island for Shell Eastern Petroleum with weight of 18ton, with dimension 10m x4m x 2m.

Mechmar Boiler Sdn BhdCustomer: Mechmar Boiler Sdn Bhd
Project Description: Transportation of 2 unit Boiler from Pasir Gudang to Singapore. Dimension : 7.8m x 4.0m x 4.6m, Wt : 60ton.