Project Cargo Logistics

Lima Bintang Logistics offers door to door freighting of various oversized and heavy cargo. With our fleet of low loaders, pole trailers, multi-axled trailers, operated by well trained and highly experienced team, providing a safe and cost effective movement is ensured. We handle shore & floating crane services.
The project logistics comprises few major components services :

1.Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting form a very importation part of project cargo management. Lima Bintang thourgh its strong project network and alliance partner offer customer various type fo lifting solution.

Below of type of lifting service can be offer by Lima Bintang :

  • Telescopic Crane : 20 – 500 ton crane
  • Crawler Crane : 150 – 1000 ton
  • Strand Jack
  • Tower Lift

2.Heavy Transportation
Lima Bintang with more than 15 year of experience in project transportation, are able transport almost anything. Lima Bintang currently operating more than 50 fleets offer specialist services, which deal with oversized and over-weight cargo that cannot be transported by conventional cargo trailer.
Road survey and site plannings are conducted to determine the feasibiles study for the transports. In many projects, the infrastructure may require significant modifications and removal of obstacle in order to perform the transport. Lima Bintang also provide administrative assistance to liase with the local authorities, for obstacle removal to ensure that the modifications are made to specifications in accordance with local authorisations and safety requirements.  

3.Bulk Cargo Transportation
Lima Bintang had been serving many major exporter for bulk steel material shipment ranging from 500 – 2500 ton per shipment from shipper place to port or vice versa. Bulk material shipment require extreme well planning and co-ordination. Sufficient trucks and manpower must be required and perform on time delivery to avoid port storent and detention charges.
The type of steel material inclusive but not limited to :

  • Steel Coil
  • Steel Plate
  • Steel beam
  • Steel sheet pile
  • Steel pipes
  • Steel structures