Fleet Management

The Fleet Management Department (FMD) is one of the most important subsidiary within the Lima Bintang organization. It is responsible for the complete management and maintenance of our equipment fleet.

Renowned for Our Innovation Part of our FMD is often referred to as the “Engineering Consultant” of Lima Bintang. It is responsible for 'Upgrade/ Redesign/ Modify' Lima Bintang equipment for new solutions, or extensions for components that are already in service. Such services include of easy transport, reinforce chasis, conversion of 6x2 to 6x4 Prime Mover and impose a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Good Shape, Better Performance Although regular maintenance must be accomplished according to schedule, the impact on current and future operations should be minimized. The strategy is to replace com-ponents before they break down, rather than having these repaired on the spot. This is organized with our maintenance system under control of the Fleet Management Programms. The department manages a large stock of spare equipment and components such as gearboxes and engines, and accessories.