Import / Export Schemes & Licensing Consultation

Consultation Services Offered:

  1. Consultant for Customs application, CIDB, MITI, SIRIM, etc :

- MITI ( Application for Country of Origin - COO) / (Application of Form D) / ( Application of Approval Permit - AP)
- SIRIM (Application for Certificate of Approval- COA)

  1. Customs brokerage for LMW status company.
  2. Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) / Gudang Pengilangan Berlesen (GPB) Consultation and Reporting Services.

  3. Approved Trader Scheme (ATS) / Skim Pedagang Diluluskan (SPL) Consultation Services.

  4. Temporary Import and Export Services.

  5. Bonded Warehouse Reporting Services (Gudang Berlesen Awam -GBA)

  6. Marine Department Malaysia - Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) , Shipper Registration and Renewal Services.

  7. Specialize for cross border trucking between Singapore to Malaysia and Thailand for various oil and gas companies be it small packages to Multi Axle transportation.

  8. Sistem Maklumat Kastam (SMK) – K1, K2, K3, K8, K9.

  9. Roaming Certificate – Online application.

  10. Self declaration mechanism for import duty exemption on machinery and equipment.

  11. Checking on HS Code:

- Unit Cost Application.

- PMA Application.

- Penjenisan Application.

  1. Section 93 Application.

  2. Section 95 Application.

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