Corporate Social Responsibility

Handicapped & Disabled Welfare Home Visiting Program in Saleng.

Loving greetings from CSR to all readers of this newsletter is still not silent in the middle of 2010, and with the CSR has organise an activity that a Handicapped & Disabled Welfare home visit at Saleng on 19/06/2010.

This program has been accompanied by more than 40 people including directors and staffs of Lima Bintang Group. The objective of this program is to enable the CSR team to help those less fortunate and having a meeting with Head of Village to discuss more further actions. CSR team was preparing special play & fun room for children. CSR team also prepared around 80 gifts to children. This is glad to be given the opportunity to open the heart of approximately 78 penghuri in this Home

The Home of Saleng provides warmth care to those who are disable, the abandoned elderly, orphans.

In closing, let us pray together in 2010 to bring good luck and prosperity to all of us hope the company's business is moving forward and we continue to work with a safe and secure environment.

Safe Drive Awareness Programs, PLUS Highway Toll, Skudai 3rd November 2009

In the third day of November 2009, Bluestars Mission held last activity for this year, the road safety campaign at Skudai Toll Plaza.

The objective of this campaign is to promote the safety driving culture and wish to reduce accident rate.

Activities involving the distribution of pamphlets on road safety to all users of the Toll Plaza on the day, starting from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon. A total of 1000 pamphlets were distributed.

This program was also broadcasted by Malaysia TV Channels of TV3 and NTV7

In closing, let us pray coming year 2010 brings good luck and prosperity to us all, wish business moving forward and we continue to work with a safe and secure environment.

Happy New Year from Our "MISSION BLUESTARS"