Compliance Policy


Lima Bintang Group recognise the importance of legal compliance in doing business. The company is determine to maintain its reputation which will not tolerate corruption, fraud and abuse of position for personal gain, wherever it may be found in any area of the Company activity. Lima Bintang also expects the same commitment from its agents, representative, consultants, business partners, and other party whom it conducts business with, including sub-contractors performing services on behalf of Lima Bintang. The policy set up the minimum standard every Lima Bintang’s employees and those acting on our behalf should meet. The company is fully adopting the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Act 2009 and its amendments, and other laws applicable in the jurisdiction where the company shall engage the business with the customers/vendors. It is Lima Bintang Group’s policy to conduct its business in compliance to applicable laws and regulations, and with the highest value of integrity.

Polisi Anti-Rasuah & Pecah Amanah_02 Feb 2015.pdf

Anti-Corruption & Fraud Policy_02 Feb 2015.pdf